The 7 types of Thai masseurs you might encounter in Thailand

I get a nûat Thai นวด ไทย at least once a week. It’s one of the perks of living in Chiang Mai even though the cost of living keeps rising here. BOOOOOO! A Thai massage around the moat or Old City costs 180 to 200 baht. While my friends have their favorites or go-to person, for me, this changes as I experience different masseurs, or as businesses close and new ones inevitably open.

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No Smorking!


Typo or cleverness?

According to, SMORK has 7 (count ’em) whopping definitions:

1. An Engrish term for ‘smoke’.
“No smorking on corridor or Banning happen on premises!”

2. A smork is an ork that has been ignited and burned until smoldering.
In the Lord of the Rings orks that were burned after battle were smorks.

3. Someone who is so smitten, they are acting like an absolute dork. Slightly embarrassing, usually someone who is not an obviously smitten person, hence the lame name Smork.
“You are acting like such a smork, you’re definitely smorko over him”
*Other variations include being smokro, smorkalicious etc etc.

4. Smurf + dork. Someone who is a short dork.
Kristine is such a smork.

5. The smoke that comes from a piece of pork, being cooked in a smoker.
Oh man, my girlfriend said my beard smelled like smork, she loved it!

6. A Smork is a campfire snack that is similar to the old campfire favorite snack called a “Smore”, which is a graham cracker, with chocolate and a toasted marshmallow. A “smork” is graham cracker, a York peppermint pattie and a toasted marshmallow.
*Word origin is Smore + York = Smork

7. (n)-Someone who is imbecilic, or immature, and likes troll.
*Also Smorkly
Bramblestar: wafiy21, your a smork.
wafiy21: Thats just mean dude…

The story behind Thai Girl Talk

Apparently we met before through mutual friends, at all the raging parties I go to, but it wasn’t until I was at another fare-thee-well party that I REALLY met her. She’s very smart, you see, cause she said, “Lani! I love your blog!”

Well, that got my attention.

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Thailand for the directionally challenged

After spending 2 weeks in Austria, returning to Thailand was quite the departure. It was dark and I was travel weary but I still had to explain where I lived in pasa Thai. The good thing is I live close enough to the 700 Year Stadium, and at least it puts drivers in the right direction.

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J1 summer2 name poems

beautiful angry money
aren’t they talented?

My Thai is getting better: True or False?

I have avoided combining my first 10 months here with the time since I returned, simply because I thought saying I’ve been here 2 years total sounded bad – for my Thai that is. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself but maybe I should? Shouldn’t I be farther along by now? Hmmm?

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