Closure on Cambodia

what i miss and don't miss about cambodia

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beautiful trees and blue sky

When life throws you a do-over (and you return from where you left)

During one of the darkest moments in my adult life, I failed to reach out. I didn’t really tell friends and family what was happening. I think part of the reason was I couldn’t explain it, I couldn’t get my hands around it, but mostly I was ashamed.

This time around, I didn’t make the same mistake. True, the circumstances were different, but when I spoke with my friends, they became lifelines tethering me to a balloon of hope. Our conversations were reminders that: I was not going crazy, my situation was insane and that I was loved.

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How much space do I really need? (moving sucks)

Our biggest worry when we moved into this apartment was space. Will we have enough? Where was everything going to go?

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Prince de Angkor swimming pool

Expat woes: working out at the gym and swimming pool

I wonder how many gym memberships have gone dormant after a New Year’s resolution rush. I remember all too clearly when my trainer showed me how many folks had signed up for trainers + memberships and had NEVER used them – not once.

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What Expats Don’t Talk About (Part 2)


Over a year ago, JetSettlers Magazine published my blog post on “What Expats Don’t Talk About” and recent events have compelled me to write a follow up, part 2.

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5 Things to Hate about Chiang Mai

One of my colleagues, let’s call him Ben, asked me the other day if I would ever write about things I didn’t like about Chiang Mai/Thailand. I said, “No, I don’t think so.” I mean, I have written one post in particular about it already. Then he shared his top 5 things he hates about Thailand. His list:

1. Driving
3. Service “mai mee”
4. Hospitals
5. Banks

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9 reasons Chiang Mai sucks


The ex just told me he is thinking of moving back to Chiang Mai.


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