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Why I stopped reading women’s magazines

There is a blogger I follow on Instagram (I don’t know why, really, I don’t read her blog, but I find her – a curiosity) and she’s posted recently that she LOVES women’s magazines and how she’s obsessed with them. It reminded me of a time when I felt the same way. I used to… Continue reading Why I stopped reading women’s magazines


What they never told you about bra shopping in Thailand

Ah, the joys of womanhood, eh? Every one of us ladies can remember our first visit from Uncle Payne and Auntie Flo. Or that time, you didn’t know you were going to have it and how you decided to wear light pink pants that day. Or that time in Bangkok, the city of grit and… Continue reading What they never told you about bra shopping in Thailand

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Forever 32 (I’m getting old and it’s not looking pretty)


Has living abroad changed the way you dress?

It started off with shoes, but then it became a bigger question. Does where you live change the way you dress? Yes. A resounding yes.

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Why do guys like crazy girls?

Being called crazy is usually considered positive and fun. Rarely is crazy what it really is – insanity. Blame it on slang, youth culture, or pop music – crazy, these days, seems to be crazier than ever. “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”― Albert Einstein I remember… Continue reading Why do guys like crazy girls?


Don’t call Thais short.

In the US, if you call someone fat, it is considered insulting, even if it is true. It’s more polite to say “heavy” or “big”. But in Thailand, the word “fat” does not have the same weight because it’s the height that means the most.

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Am I a feminist?

(And are there free cookies and punch involved?) Feminism is such a LOADED word jammed-packed with wholesome cynicism, abuse, and misunderstanding.  But the good girls at The Lady Errant and She is Fierce have started a link-up on feminism, so before I knew it, I was contemplating, “Am I a feminist? What does that word… Continue reading Am I a feminist?