Poetry before pictures

i like toast, toasted
over icicles on a
cool relaxing day.

i like coffee, caffeinated
under toast during
most times of the day.

i like eggs, farmed
on toasters for
beginnings of days.

i like butter, jam and
honey, with toast,
coffee and eggs.

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Office work was my Halloween

When I lived in Chico California, back in 2007, I was working at a job that I – well – hated. I liked the people I worked with. I just felt trapped, bored, frustrated and useless. So I opened a Word doc and this is what I typed:

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Shifts (in perception, not flimsy nighties)

While waiting for take-out, I took out my notebook and wrote SHIFTS, as in shifts in perceptions, rites of passage, ah-ha moments . Maybe it’s the anthropologist in me, but I’m interested in this dying tradition. Not because I like tradition, so much as I like the idea that we have to go through something in order to grow up. And we are a world, it seems, that is enamored with not ever growing up.

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Asian American woman drinking beer

Why I Love Lists

Not too long ago I wrote Why I Fear List Posts, and now I’m going to guitar strum a different tune, just for the sake of being difficult. Nah, actually, I’m starting a great jam session, thanks to Sandra, and Rhyan Scorpio-Rhys for his link to An Evening with Ray Bradbury.

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Anania Circle

I’ve been greatly inspired with not enough time to write, so I’m depressed, moody and a little resentful. Good stuff.

Last weekend I sort of attended the Asia Pacific Writers conference in Bangkok. JP and I were “too poor” to attend the real event, so I made a compromise and paid for a 2 hour workshop, and we attended the free literary event on Saturday.

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Poetry and jazz

When my friend Sandra offered poetry classes, I was eager to join because:
a) She’s a wonderful poet,
b) I’ve been enamored with poetry since high school
and c) I knew it would be good for me.

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Punchbowl Cemetery

For last week’s poetry class, we had to write about our favorite place. And because I had done a similar exercise in high school theatre and for my L7 English class, my favorite place was readily accessible.

We wrote for half an hour. This was my in the moment scribble, my pen to paper fantasma. I won’t ask you to like it, but to read it out loud…

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