I’ve done side jobs…

@Drunk Monkeys
Jumpsuits: Not Just for Air-Raids Anymore!

@Points in Case
Goodnight, Loser and other rejected children’s stories

@Little Old Lady Comedy
Never Suffer from Feng Shui Again

@Pif Magazine
Don’t Write on an Empty Stomach

@Work Literary Magazine
Office work poem

@Holl & Lane Magazine
Life lessons after 8 years of teaching

@Innovate My School
How I became an expat teacher: USA to Thailand

@Writing Ourselves Well & Kate Colby
Interview [part of a indie writers blog tour]

@Teaching Traveling
Teaching Abroad as an Asian American in Ecuador and Thailand

@The Lady Errant
Kitchen Culture [growing up Thai-American]

@A Holistic Journey
Asian American in Thailand [part of an in-depth series on race and color]

@Women Writers, Women Books
In Defense of True Stories [why memoirs matter]

@Chicky Net [an all-women’s expat in Thailand site, no longer up]
Jumping the Cue
Living in Chiang Mai interview
When Risks Fail
Top 7 Strange Thai Beauty Products

@Women Learn Thai
A Thai Learning Thai
A Thai Learning Thai part 2
Questions Questions

Chinese Fire Drill
Learning the Thai Language: Pasa Thai


Interview [for an expats community site]

What Expats Don’t Talk About

Hawaiian Expat interview [a great interview and a good site for expats]

@Thai Girl Talk
I wrote about 20 blog posts and co-hosted podcast and video blogs at Learn2SpeakThai.

@Akha Ama Coffee
Interview with founder Lee Ayu [I was proud to be a very small part of the team that helped get Lee’s new site off the ground.]

Contact me @ blue.crystal.monkey@gmail.com

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