Awkward weird dates, I’ve had a few…

It’s been years since I wrote a painful-but-true Valentine’s Day post, so I thought I’d dust off the ‘ol corners of the brain, and pull out the EMBARRASSING MOMENTS file for your stupid holiday pleasure. Enjoy.

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Star Fresh Market Rayong

Looking back to move forward: What changes will you make this year?

Many years ago, I was chatting with an old college friend and he confided that he always felt like one of the keys to a perfect life was eluding him.

“What do you mean?” I said.

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What’s your relationship with money?

I have a complicated (and unhealthy) relationship with money and like a lot of issues that need examining, this one starts with childhood.

At home

My mother is obsessed with it. My father was frugal, but beyond that he hasn’t influenced me like my mother because he died when I was very young. I knew he was good about eating leftovers for lunch, and even if the leftovers were small and hardly worth saving, he’d save it anyway. This was probably because he grew up during China’s Cultural Revolution.

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Do you have a kitchen? Do you cook?

Do you have a kitchen? Apparently, that’s not such a strange question to ask. It’s believed that by 2030, kitchens will be either shared or smaller due to more people ordering-in.

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Things I understand now that I’m an adult

Remember when you were a kid and you’d look up at all the things that adults did and you’d go – WHY? Well, I don’t wonder anymore.

// Passing out after work

When you don’t want to hem anymore jeans.[Chiang Mai, 2016]
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Ecuador bus in Canar

A year of do-overs

Perhaps it is too soon to reflect on the year past, but I’m currently occupying that space between here and there. In other words, I’m getting ready to move from Northern Thailand to Central Thailand. And instead of doing the impatient-dance, I’m diving into deep creative waters (at least as much as I can).

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How to socialize: an introvert’s guide

I know. I know. You’re freaking out because you have a friend’s birthday to go to. It’s also that time of year again – the holidays! I understand. Shhhh. I’ve got some ideas and tips.

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