Fish out of water: expat bloggers interview series #4

Fish out of water expat bloggers interview series #1

Hello everybody! I’m back with another expat blogger interview. Yes! I found Jaina at Time Well Spent through another blog and I immediately liked her site because it didn’t look like a lot of blogs I had been seeing lately, floating around the Internet. Seriously. Her individuality was further confirmed when I saw her photos.… Continue reading →

Fish out of water: expat bloggers interview series #3

What impresses me about Amanda from Teaching Wanderlust is her solo travel spirit. She’s  young, determined and passionate about traveling and teaching. And I wish I could remember how I found her, or who found who, so that just let’s you know that I’ve been reading Amanda’s blog for sometime now.

Fish out of water: expat bloggers interview series #2

Don’t you just love being part of a community? I feel like it’s the only sane way to thrive in this big world. In the blogging sphere, WordPress can be a great way to find your tribe and another groovy WP expat blogger is Heather from 2Summers.

Why do (expat) bloggers blog?

Expat bloggers: self indulgent or service-oriented people? It has come to my attention recently that some folks see writing as an act of self-indulgence. I am feeding myself chocolate. Yes. I am now rubbing the chocolate all over my body and it is melting because of my body heat. Yes. I am recording myself and… Continue reading →

Asian American American holidays

American holidays overseas don’t take on any extraordinary meaning, if anything they seem to diminish in specialness. And that’s okay. I think what really helps me is I’m a first-generation American, and what that means is, holidays as a child were perfunctory and often awkward occasions.

Why I like blogging

why i like blogging

Blogging is like becoming an expat, you get to meet folks from all around the world, but you don’t have to go anywhere! It’s brilliant. Of course, just like traveling, you meet some great and not-so-great folks on the road. Sometimes the connection last only the strength of the holiday and other times something more… Continue reading →

Things I’m liking (sharing the love)

1) Ever since we moved to Chiang Rai, I was concerned about the lack of access to English books, as there are not as many expats here as there is in Chiang Mai. So, I decided to buy a Kindle. They are more expensive in Thailand, so I had a friend who was visiting the… Continue reading →

Liebster Award #2

Jenny from And Three To Go nominated me for my second Liebster Award. How sweet! She’s a travel/expat/mommy blogger exploring Phuket, Thailand (and many other places), with her husband and little girl. I really like Jenny’s point of view and even though I do not have children, I find her relateable. Thanks Jenny!