One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries. ― A.A. Milne

[Pattaya, Thailand 2020]

October was a month of discoveries. When we moved here about two years ago we were disappointed that transportation was challenging. In other words, there weren’t any Grab cars. But with the surge of food delivery options and #stayathome, Grab transport finally became a viable option in Rayong. Yeaaa!

And with Thailand’s vegetarian festival, came the additional discovery of local and Western plant-based meat products available at the grocers. [And this month we celebrated our one year veganniversary, too.]

Street side vendor [Pattaya, 2020]

I also learned that my favorite British panel show, Taskmaster, decided to upload their latest series on YouTube for free. Now, they have been sharing their previous nine series on YT, but that was certainly no indication that they would post their newest for everyone around the world regardless of citizenship. Thank you, guys!

[Pattaya Beach, 2020]

As you can see, we went to the beach, but not really because we found Pattaya depressing and never got in the water. We had been avoiding this infamous city of sleaze but we figured now was a good time to go, no crazy crowds, deeply discounted hotels, but nahhh. It’s not for us.

I couldn’t tell which was sadder, the empty bars and closed businesses or the incredible skyscrapers being built despite the devastated economy. It was one of those short getaways that I wished we’d never taken, but I suppose we can say we did it. Have you ever regretted a trip?

Not a creature was stirring – except for the mouse.

But not all was lost, I finally worked up the nerve to get a haircut. And I bought a new phone, replacing my old Samsung for a Xiaomi. I’m still getting used to it, keeping work related apps on the old one, so I’m one of those with two phones. GAH!

This was a very stinky boat.

The Changing Seasons is a monthly challenge where bloggers around the world share what’s been happening in their month. Please check out Su’s blog post on the guidelines.

Art deco and blue skies.

How was your October? Happy Halloween and Loy Krathong.

37 replies on “The Changing Seasons – Oct 2020

  1. It was good that you went, Lani, if only to see for yourself. It looks like it has the potential to be a very beautiful part of the world. I had a quick look at some of the issues facing the city. Very challenging. If the water quality wasn’t bad enough, the erosion of the beach also does not auger well.
    As you asked, I am not overly taken with Sydney. The harbour does nothing for me. Such a shame that is packed with tourist dross. Perhaps other parts are nicer. Similarly the glitzy part of the Gold Coast. I’m more of a small town girl. πŸ™‚

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    1. Me too πŸ™‚ I mainly grew up in bedroom communities or small towns. When I had a choice of colleges, I only looked at smaller ones which helped to eliminate the competition.

      What struck me about Pattaya was it was MUCH larger than I expected. It’s funny how we get an idea of a place in our minds.

      These days there are great migrations out of large US cities into smaller ones, so I think some of the world is catching on to us πŸ˜‰

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      1. Good idea. Smaller communities are the way to go esp in this day and age where we feel overwhelmed and lost socially and internet-wise.

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  2. Oh yes, there’s only one trip i remember-Rajasthan. Only reason for the trip being ruined-Fellow passengers, real downers.

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    1. People, actually, make a bigger impact on us than a place I find. We remember if we were treated kindly, how the folks acted, so I’m not surprised, even if they were fellow tourists.

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  3. That’s too bad this was a trip you better hadn’t taken but at least now you know and also have some lovely photos for the Changing Seasons. πŸ˜‰ Congrats to your veganniversary and your new haircut! πŸ˜€πŸ’•

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    1. Thanks! Yes, sometimes it’s not all rainbows and beautiful IG photos πŸ˜› And I figured since so many are stuck at home or in their little towns, a quick reminder that traveling isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be might be in order!

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  4. October is the big change month here … every year. It often starts out sunny and warm enough. And beautiful with all the changing colors. And then by the end of the month, the days seem to be so much shorter, and the weather turns cool and often rainy. This week the weather has been nice, though.

    I have been avoiding travel and crowds. But I did take a little trip last week. I brought some cake to my daughter for her birthday, and we went for a walk in a nearby park.

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    1. October was also a month of crazy cooler temperatures and weather. I don’t think it is normally so dramatic. Very possibly spill over from all the extreme rain that China has been getting… Sounds like a nice time to be in Washington πŸ™‚


  5. Thanks for sharing your October! My October was full of studies hihi. However, it was also full of creativity, quality time with my partner and good food! So overall, I’m pretty happy with how it went.

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  6. Oh Pattaya, let me count the ways… The way you described it is a little like how I felt about Bali. Sounds like you had a lot going on in October!

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    1. I’ve heard mixed reviews of Bali. Do tell! But I can imagine. There’s something about little tropical paradises that get ruined with over development and traffic. Ah well….


      1. Let me put it this way: it’s the only beach I’ve visited where you wade in between floating PET bottles. I know I’ve been spoiled by white sand beaches in the Philippines but that was particularly bad. The friends I was with there made the trip fun but I definitely wouldn’t go back.

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      2. EW. I’ll pass, thanks. Yeah, trash on beaches and in the ocean is a huge problem.


  7. I want to see the haircut!!! Most depressing little vacay was probably to Atlantic City with a few friends in college. We played a (very) little blackjack, as we were all poor–but outside the casinos were all the pawn shops and places where you can sell your gold. Real poor. It was dirty. In its heyday I know Atlantic City was great, but I just thought it looked like a circle of hell in the late 90s. All that said, my October was OK!

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    1. Circle of hell – hahahahha. I mean, darn, that sucks.

      Are you on IG? I’ve uploaded it there. Not very exciting though.

      I know what you mean about pawn shops though. We lived next to a town that had tons of them – depressing, indeed.

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  8. Like Tracy, I read a little about Pattaya. I guess with international tourism on hold, there won’t be money to address the problems.

    The worst trip I ever took was canal boating in England on an unfinished boat. The toilet door wasn’t attached and had to be sort of held in place with my knee while I was using the loo; the roof wasn’t lined so I had condensation dripping on my face all night — oh, and our hosts had forgotten to buy food so we were all starving and bad-tempered. I survived one night, then jumped ship.

    Happy veganversary!

    And thanks for being part of The Changing Seasons.

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    1. OMG. That sounds horrendous!!! Your loo story reminds me of trying to use them on buses or trains in Thailand – tricky, tricky! I once had the door fly open on me. A woman saw and we both laughed, she tried to help.

      Thanks and thanks! xo

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  9. Love the AA Milne quote – it really is a Surprise most of the time for me!

    Pattaya has not been my favourite place either – although to be fair, I haven’t been in ages. We went a number of times when I was a child and then again as a young adult. and they were all not memorable trips (my family was big into beach vacations when I was growing up).

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    1. It’s not far from us and we’ve managed to avoid it for about 2 years and when I lived further but in country, I never had any desire. It’s a hard pass for me, but I’m certainly no insider.

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  10. Now at least you know that you don’t like it for sure, haha.

    I wish there was a vegetarian festival in here so my mother in law could learn some non-meat recipes xD I’m so busy I don’t have any time to cook myself…

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    1. Yes, I suppose the mystery is over now. It’s been hanging over our heads the entire time we’ve lived here.

      I hear Hong Kong’s Omni Meat (plant-based meat) is gaining popularity over there so maybe it’s only a matter of time before it moves more inland!


  11. In October, weather was still fine.
    Now we’re in deep cold with winter snow and ice. yes….a bit foreign to where you are now.

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