I seem to inherit cats who like to fight. My childhood cat, Big Boy, was such a cat. He seem to always have some sort of a wound which my mom would doctor. The next door dog was his nemesis.

Now I have Romeo. Dear Romeo. Sometimes I stare at Romeo and Pippin in wonderment. I’m amazed at how animals have personality. I remember the first time I took Romeo in after a fight. I asked the vet,  “Do you think he will do this again?” Dr. Duke replied, “Probably.”

I realized then this was just Romeo’s personality. He’s a killer and a fighter. He jumped the jump that made the vet and his assistant go, Sut yaut! (cool!) when trying to escape the room (he did). He is forever going places he shouldn’t (like my laundry) and now with all these new cats in the neighborhood, I fear he’s going to keep defending the honor of the home and land.

How to take your cat to the vet: a basket that shuts, a cover so he can’t see and bungee cords!
Thankfully Pippin is an easy going jolly fella who only investigates fights. In any cat case, I called Dr. Duke this morning and off Romeo and I went. Luckily we caught the wound just a short time after his scurry and scuffle. Dr. Duke was able to sedate, clean and suture (3 stitches!) his wound in an hour and now Romeo is back home with me.
Yes, i am heavily sedated…soon i will urinate all over myself and throw up so Lani can clean it up.

Well, there is a lot I need to do before I go to work. Here’s Dr. Duke’s phone number: 089.758.8186 He’s gentle with the animals, speaks good English and is located inside the moat, close to Wat Phra Sing.

I’ll leave you with the picture that says it all for me. Romeo is sedated and yet he can’t sit still, here he is making another attempt at the door. With his paw reaching for the sunlight, he passes out. Mr. Fighter…

4 replies on “Taking your cat to the vet AGAIN, Thai style

  1. Oh, poor kitty! At least he has a great caretaker to look out for him. I hope he gets well soon; but I also hope, for both of your sakes, he takes a break from the fighting for awhile.


  2. Well, there is certainly one way to stop your male cat or dog from fighting (and getting cut up in the process). It has the added advantage that pregnancies are avoided. I'm surprised nobody in Thailand neuters their pets but I wish more would.I used to hear cats screaming and fighting all night in my neighborhood in Banglamphu and it irked me to know how easily that could've been avoided. Here in Chiang Mai, we're on the 4th floor of an apartment building where cats & dogs are scarce and I'm happy about it.Don't get me wrong — I love cats and if I weren't splitting my time between here and the states I'd have one again. But I would spay or neuter it ASAP.My 2 cents


  3. The cats have been fixed. I wish that was the problem because then I could so something about it.He's an outdoor cat, and there are cats in the neighborhood, and more cats, possible strays because we are in the woods…Yeah, apt living for that reason can be great!


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