I hope you’ll consider supporting this creative and good cause! I love poetry!!! This is the press release and I’ve included a sample poem too.

Discover the magic of words and get whisked away to more than ten distant lands around the world with this inspiring book of poems. Feel the wonder of the force of nature. Become someone of complete different cultural background for a moment. Sense, smell, and taste their emotions, smile, roll on the floor and laugh, get all warm and fuzzy inside, shed tears, get puzzled, get excited, and even go crazy! Join us on this emotional tour with “Voices: Whispers from Around the World,” a book of poetry written from the depth of our hearts all in the name of raising money for charity.

This book is compiled by English Communication major students from Payap University International College, complete with original illustrations drawn with care. Mark your calendars for our poetry jam on February 17th and bring with you 100 THB!

This pocket-sized book is a lovely gift for valentines and a perfect addition to your coffee table.  Get inspired, and help us on our mission in donating all profits to the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children (FERC), a charity organization that gives aid and support to rural children in Northern Thailand through scholarships.

Blank, lost, and very confused stares of some twenty students have been turned into a classroom full of enthusiastic, creative, analytical, and intellectual thoughts and opinions. Stories told by poets from all over the world have inspired us to voice our thoughts, emotions, experiences, and values through the use of creative words selected with care.  We hope to inspire and transport readers to countless places around the world to hear, understand, and relate to the voices of individuals carrying different values and world views. We hope for readers to discover the magic behind words and sense them as if they are being whispered into the ear, just as we had discovered and sensed over the course of the semester. While reaching out to the less fortunate, we hope that you will find the same enjoyment and inspiration in reading poetry as we do.

For more information, please contact Cindy Ritpunja at cindy.r0423@gmail.com, and for those interested in buying the book, feel free to send in an email to negotiate shipping arrangement and costs.

Poetry reading date:

When:Friday, February 17, 3:30PM
Where:Pai Yan Yai coffee shop
Address:12/13 Soi Nimmanhaemin
15 Suthep Chiang Mai 50200
Tel. (+66) 86-916-1766

As day gets dark,
I closed my eyes…
Recaptured songs
In skies of blue.
A gust of breeze,
And with a sigh,
I drifted up,
Light as feather.
I looked back down,
I see myself,
Upon the bed,
Away from frays,
A world of peace.
I floated there
Upon the air
I pushed my legs
I shot ahead
Into the clouds
I flew around
Among the mist
I turned my wrists
I rolled around
I laughed aloud
I flapped my arms,
I spiraled down…
I spiraled down…
I spiraled down…

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