I’m in Chiang Mai…now what? (Ideas for Lone Rangers and Tonto’s and every Hi-ho Silver in between.)

Welcome and Bienvenue. You have just arrived, here are some tip top tips:
Traveling around town

and food recommendations

Survival kit ideas from Cooee: http://strayandsnap.blogspot.com/2011/01/thailand-survival-kit-for-newbies.html She also has a lot of good information on her site so sticky rice around, won’t ya?

And here’s the weather channel, I know how some of you are into this kind of thing: http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/48327.html

Okay on to the ideas!

Gosh, everyone sure does know English. But it would be terrific if I could speak with the locals. Especially that guy staring nakedly (or is it nakedly staring?) into my rubber soul.

Learn Thai at AUA: http://www.learnthaiinchiangmai.com/

Citylife Magazine has free copies around town but I really dig on the CityNow! Events calendar: http://www.city-now.com/
It’s a great way to see what’s happening, and not about those guidebooks which as you are discovering, is not current.

And if you feel like getting out of town

or if you want to party, relax, swim with the family or friends, may I recommend Tom and Kitty’s Houseboat.

houseboatFor coffee addicts like me, your search for a solid cup of brew is one of the interesting things about traveling and exploring a new town. I’ve written about vegetarian food and coffee places, but that was before I discovered Akha Ama.

It’s pretty much where expats and locals go to interview Lee, I mean, hang out, and I can say I knew him before he was famous. Ohhhhhh coffee…I feel things are over between us too quickly, so fast, there’s never enough time…hmmm. “http://www.akhaama.com/site/index.php

For lazy nights or when it’s raining, Meals on Wheels deliver to you from a selection of tasty restaurants: http://www.mealsonwheels4u.com/ (No, I’m not getting any vouchers, why, you have one?)

And finally, you, of course, could always Volunteer! The good and decent folks at Got Passport know their stuff because they are like really into this and I know them and like them, etc, etc: http://www.gotpassport.org/volunteer/

and I’ve been to the Viengpieng Children’s Home: http://www.baanviengping.com/en/ and really like what they are doing. You need transportation though cause it’s out of town.

Hope this was helpful. Please drive carefully. Love from CM, lc

One thought on “Quick Chiang Mai starter guide

  1. Lani, thanks for the mention…and apologies for being a selfish ex-expat. Things get really busy when you return home.Guides to anywhere written by people living 'there' are always more valuable than those written by fly by nighters.'Drive Safely'…is that even a bumper sticker there yet, lol. If you're on a bike 'Always pray and ride' might be more fitting?


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