9 replies on “Alien in Chiang Mai

  1. @LM: 555@Cat: You know they just come to the front door too! They aren't dropping off religious materials or trying to sell me anything. It's really lovely.I think the word is out tho' that they will get their picture taken 😀


  2. So, that is some living creature? As in, a genuine insect? [You're not just showing-off some crazy-mad PhotoShop skill?]Ai Yai Yai!I think it would be bad Karma to smush an exotic creature like that. Best to treat it with respect [that is, give it a wide birth], and hope it eventually moves on.Regards from Ken C.


  3. I don't have photo shop skillz. So, it's real! And I don't smush these kinds of bugs, just the fire breathing spiders and roaches!!!!!!!


  4. I usually panic when I see a spider, as in how quickly can I kill it. Scarf…hmmmmm. Could be scratchy 😉


  5. Oh, my! I was just thinking about your post above [which is excellent!], and scrolled down to read the new comments here…and noticed that I was giving your alien/bug visitor a “wide birth?!”Well, “shiver me timbers” but of course I meant to say “wide berth” in the nautical sense.I don't even want to consider the midwifery implications.[obviously, I need both a spell checker and a context checker]This PS from Ken C.


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