Located about an hour outside of Chiang Mai, Tom and Kitty’s houseboat is a blissful escape on the Mae Ngat Reservoir and Sri Lanna National Park. There are other floating houseboats for rent and I’ve never tried them but from what I can tell Tom and Kitty’s is the best.

My favorite spot was at the edge of the house, staring at the mountains and water and motorboats motoring by. It’s romantic and well, just one of those special places. So I wrote…

In praise of nothing.

Some call it idleness, lazy, indolent, sloth and silliness.
But I think it peaceful, pleasing and perfect.


I like sitting on the edge of nothingness.

Where the water makes drinking sounds
the wind lifts my hair
and my lover sends me secret messages.

Where the heat can be felt but not seen
the clouds make a perfectly straight line
and the greenery gurgles with birds and guessing games.

Where my eyes rest and my belly is hungry,
and the sound of quiet hovers right under the clouds.

Where swimming feels like
slipping into the arms of an old friend,
a silk robe,
the bedsheets at night.

Where the water plays its piano for me,
and I watch its fingers dance across the waves.


slip me into blue
surround me in white
tinkle bell for the wind
rustle like a great sigh
and join forces with the taste
of rubies in your mouth

8 replies on “Tom and Kitty’s houseboat

  1. What a view! Expansive yet still beautiful, and serene…Also, thank you for sharing your poetry. Very evocative of sitting at the water's side.Regards from Ken C., California, USA


  2. Hey, Lani…Well, we WERE planning for November, but family dynamics have pushed our trip into the next year. We may actually have to delay until later in 2012 [depressing thought!].Hope you're taking good care of yourself…Ken C.


  3. Sitting on the edge of nothingness…I love the way you capture a feeling with your words, and that picture is absolutely breathtaking!


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