Tour de cats (cat and mouse)

stage one: trying to catch pippin

stage 2: romeo takes over. . .cat and mouse & owner with broom games begin!

final stage: the morning after

6 thoughts on “Tour de cats (cat and mouse)

  1. Yeah, welcome to my world. The funny (is funny the right word?) thing is, I've gotten used to it…these cats are KILLERS :F


  2. And here I've been watching the zombie channel (on my lonesome), when I could just come over to your place for some blood and gore :)…or we could do lunch?


  3. The cats doing the cooking might be OK, it's the shopping I'm worried about πŸ™‚ Let me know when you're free.


  4. O M G!! I've been reading a book to my three year old which ends with the mouse running from the cat. She doesn't understand why and I told her bc the mouse might eat the cat, which she just doesn't get. Maybe I'll just show her these pic's…(KIDDING!!)


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