I’ve been nominated in a 7 posts, tell me about your 7 most-est posts thingy:
See? I’m awesome, Megan sayz so…
Yeah so since the gauntlet has been thrown, I will take up the challenge! And I have to tell you it’s been a nice boat ride down penny lane.
Per clicks, baby, per clicky clicks – Jeeeezz and a-duh. This just goes to show you pervs, peewees and poli-sci pundits are playing on the internet and in order to receive more hits I should use titillating titles such as:
  • When Chickens go to Roost
  • I Never Try Before
  • You My First Farang
  • Why Asians Do It Better
  • Glass Top Stoves with Burnt Rice Milk (Seriously, someone found me this way: stoner or stay-at-home mom? you decide*)
  • 69 Ways to Drive Asian Girls WiLd
  • What Does it Mean When She Wants Me to Dress Up Like an American GI?
  • Jesus Christ! There Are A Lot of Hot Girls in Thailand!
  • I’m Horny but I Can’t Get Up
  • Why Do Thai Women Always Borrow Money?
  • Help, My Morning Glory Stays with Me Through the Afternoon and the Night
*Best/Worst Word Search Fail: Some NGO worker typed,”stupid thai women” – Ohhhhh…someone is rockin’ the bitter melon, eh? nâa sŏng-săan! น่าสงสาร 555555
The second most popular per clicks is my About page which I am proud of. Because. I think every site should have one and it’s the first place I go to when I go sightseeing on a tour of the World Wide Web.
In general I’ve noticed that posts about boys are popular in the comment and page view department which is good because I like boys to men and will very likely continue to write about them. (see above for future post topics 😉
Yawn. Let’s talk about boys! Actually this is the reason why I posted it. I was (sex sex sex) frustrated by the lack of detail on this nausatingly necesssary to stay in the country thingamajig. So there you go, my gift to you.
Post I’m Most Proud Of: Ground Control
Hhmmmm. My first one? Cause I was doin’ it!!! And because it reveals the rarely-seen-in-public melancholic side. I was REALLY melancholic as a child and I guess that part of me has stuck around. She’s alright though, I don’t mind her.
I thought my fake interview was funny. Sometimes when I write, I just laugh and laugh and I’m completely sober! True story!
Posts that Didn’t Get the Attention they Deserved (damn it): Celebrating Similarities
I thought was rather good but the funny thing about posts is the stuff you don’t think is that great is good and vice versa. And Heartbreak Way I thought was well written. But well written posts are not always popular.
Posts that Surprised me: Dust Bunnies vs Tile Floor because my friend Janet said she liked it. My friend Denali liked What is Culture? I guess I like it when folks get specific. It’s helpful! Saying you like everything, is not so helpful!
And when I was writing about being Asian American, I was surprised by how many of my AA friends felt the same way. I guess it just never came up in conversation before so that was nice, it’s a new way to bond and get to know each other.
Yeah, that was a bag of laughs. Can’t believe it’s been about a year. Can’t believe I was even hung up on him. I mean I can, we were together for a long time but now I see how I neglected pieces of me and that’s the ticket, isn’t it? How to be in a relationship and not forsake your passions and keep discovering new ones.
My Happiest Post: I Live in Thailand
You know I’m happy when I start writing poetry. I don’t feel particularly proficient at it but, like singing I’ll do it because it feels good and I’m having fun. So there you have it.

If you’re happy and you know it then your posts will surely show it, if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.



Okay, okay! I’m supposed to nominate people! According to the rules at Tripbase (and Snap for keeping me straight). Hmmmm.

1. Catherine the Great at Women Learning Thai. Although her site is LOADED with Thai munchies so she’s probably going to kill me for nominating her. I mean where to begin????

2. Talen at Thailand, Land of Smiles, I think would have an interesting list. His Living Like a Thai series would be a good place to start. . .

3. Snap has already been nominated but because I am so clever, I will nominate her AGAIN for her Chiang Mai Thai site. Baahahhahahaaaaaaa!

4. Paul at Paul Garrigan.com is another fan blogger who I think would have a compelling list of goodies.

5. And Lynne Dillgent at Dilemmas of an Expat Tutor because she has been recommended to me and a list would be a good place for me to start into her site! Yes, I’m so selfish!!!

11 replies on “What happens when good girls get tagged…

  1. OMG…I'm in there too, which is kind of wrong, because you put so much thought into your writing and I, well, I just don't!


  2. I was just thinking of your Thai/White women post yesterday, as a matter of fact. I'm not surprised it's your most popular. Did you get a lot of nasty emails or comments from it? Also, I love reading the search terms for my blog. So ridiculous!


  3. Okay, I want to way in on my favorite post from your blog–I love, All My Ex's Live in Thailand! Favorite! So what does that say about me…hope I'm not jaded. I loved the visual of you throwing your shoe at him or blacking out–funny stuff!!


  4. @Megan: No, don't get nasty emails, but NOW I will :P@Janine:Okay just reread all my ex's and you are right, it is pretty good! 😉


  5. I • am • so • very • late… apologies! But I promise promise I will catch my butt up! Promise! And I'll read everyone's posts too. Just for good measure.Thanks Lani 🙂


  6. *weighDid I seriously misspell that?Haha!I also loved “Oh Don't Be Such a Pad Thai”. I'm laughing just thinking about it bc I was the same way. My mother loved to cook but I was never interested. I've fumbled through life as a mediocre cook, but not something I'd announce to any of my friends for sure! I love that you can just come out there with it–makes me not feel as bad!“No good – this one.I’ve tried to teach her. She doesn’t want to learn.” hahaha!


  7. Well, dear. I hope this doesn't make you feel worse but I've learned to cook since them days! I had to!Once I left the Islands and realized how horrible the food was in Colorado/college, I knew I had to get a-learnin.And then I discovered, the oven! Ooooo. I do miss a good oven – Hugs!


  8. Lani, Thank you ever so much for the nod…seeing as Snap also nominated me I better get to it as I wouldn't want to let two beautiful Ladies down.


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