7 replies on “Hello friend!

  1. Looks like some kind of caterpillar. My girlfriend always freaks out when she see's bugs like that, says they make you itchy or something? Probably not a good idea to pick it up. I tried to identify it from this page, but couldn't find one that looks exactly like that.


  2. Not fair! I love bugs and there are none where I am. Never thought I'd miss them. I think you've discovered a new species.


  3. @colin: you can have a try when you get here :P@lm: that page is kind of gross!@snap: well the good news is – the cats left it alone!


  4. @LM oh damn, I think I'm staying here in the UK now after looking at that page. I jumped out of my skin last night at the sight of a Daddy Long Legs!


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