located on niminhaemin, it’s where i frequent along with my local mini-tesco and market

after realizing my favorite japanese ramen would not be found, i decided to try this korean brand – samyang. and it’s pretty damn good.

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7 replies on “I heart kasem & ramen noodles

  1. mmm these pictures make me hungry although i've never been a big fan if ramen. Usually they have MSG and that just gives me horrible wind… to much info i thinks!


  2. I do like noodles for lunch at times…our local Costco had a 2-for-1 special on NongShim ramen, so we're still slowly working our way through the first box. Fortunately, they are much less expensive than the Samyang brand you bought [39 bath a package?! Yikes! Must be imported in small quantities.]However, I would be hard pressed to pass up the [freshly baked?] croissants and/or brownies on the counter to your friend's/the counter lady's left. I even like quiche, which some “real men” are said to avoid. They all look delicious.Hope you enjoyed lunch.Regards from Ken C. in southern California


  3. I think I could write a whole post on ramen but I'll spare everybody. For now…@VS:Don't tell me what you eat, anymore! I hate seeing how well you eat on FB ๐Ÿ˜› 555, just kidding.@Colin: Don't use the seasoning package. Make your own soup stock or sukiyaki dipping sauce!@Harold: Their baked goods are quite delish. What a keen eye you have ๐Ÿ˜›


  4. I love the Maggie Mee Gorang noodles (I can sometimes find them at Paragon). I first ate them in Brunei. Too bad they don't like me though – carbs attach themselves to my butt.


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