4 replies on “Chiang Dao caves

  1. Hi Lani,From what I read and saw, it looks like a worthwhile place to visit. Next time when I come to Chiang Mai I will surely visit it.One time when I was 6 y/o I visited the caves of Lascaux in France with my parents. Since 2008 these caves are not allowed to be visited by regular tourists anymore to protect the paintings, but at the time I remember I was so interested being there and seeing the paintings, which seem to be 17000 y/o, that I didn't notice staying behind while the group went on and the guide switched off the light, so I was left there in the dark..After some time my parents asked the guide to look for me, so I was 'rescued' later on. I can imagine some people would perhaps develop a trauma or so, but I still like to visit caves anywhere in the world very much.


  2. Hey I-Nomad:The caves are definitely worth a peek as is staying at Chiang Dao Nest. Wonderful bungalows with excellent food.I'm sooooooo envious that you got to see the famous cave paintings in France. That would be amazing and it's funny what you said about “developing a trauma” because I know people who have a phobia about caves. But I love them!!!


  3. I haven't been yet. I want to go. Caves are so cool! My favourite so far was in Vietnam, out on Halong bay and the view from the top entrance/opening was spectacular.


  4. @Snap: Anytime you want to go, I'm also up for cemeteries and archaeological sites too. . .just sayin.


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