It’s the sound of motorbike engines.
Broken glass, barbed wire fences and roosterville roosters
tinkling wind chimes and jackhammer constructions
It’s the canvas where the straight line is free to roam.
a whiff of colorful without being overwhelming or too powerful
the smell of love, sex, tourists and something bad rotting in the heat
It’s resistance, resilience and relaxed.
A tonal Technicolor film, a surround sound touch
Dog poo landmines and dengue fever dreams
It’s that secret crush pounding in your chest, the gun in your head without the safety on.
Gritty, glittering, gold, grimy, gross, gut-wrenching, gorgeous
Poetic as a poem

7 replies on “Thailand is a poem

  1. Lani, this is beautiful! I'm speechless. I might print it out and put it on my wall next to a picture of Thailand. I'm trying to think warm thoughts right now while I'm freezing my butt off in Dalian 🙂


  2. Thanks Kimfucius! What can I say? Thailand inspires me. Yeah sorry about the cold, everyone keeps saying that Thailand will experience its coldest winter in 30 years but it's been so hot! I think they are wrong!!!


  3. Thanks Paul & Cat. Whenever you see me post poetry it means I'm feeling BRAVE. Poetry is not for everyone and I feel a little more vulnerable when I post these kinds of things.


  4. Lani, posting poetry really is brave…I feel like it's baring more of your soul than prose. I like the rhythm, too.


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