When I started Thai class (yeah, AGAIN) I was surprised by the men to women ratio (aka “too many dicks on the dance floor” syndrome – Flight of the Concords). And I was surprised by the other Asians learning Thai. The latter got me excited.

This means that more and more Asians are not only expating but traveling to Thailand, which means maybe, just maybe, less Thais will look like I ripped out a baritone belch of Homer Simpson proportions when they hear me speak. (I know my English is good but hot damn there is no need to stop breathing.)

One student is from New Zealand but he’s a Karen by way of Burma and I’m really looking forward to hearing his story. Another is a Taiwanese student studying English and since she’s the only other chica in my class I imagine I will cling to her like white on rice.

And when I am checking out the other students, who are in different levels, congregating in the courtyard, there are other Asians too and this is great! I could start an Asians in Asia club but that might confuse some people. But this is one of the reasons why I love Thailand. It is a brimming hot cup of diversity (oh, it’s hot alright).

So in honor of Thailand’s hotness (no getting around it) and my hotness because I’m cute na ka, I have included my 2007 trip to Thailand. It was significant in many ways and while I shared the experience with my now ex, he is still my best friend.

One of the big ways this trip was significant was it allowed me to revisit the possibility and dream of living overseas. So you could say this was the prequel or introduction to my new life in Thailand.

Rather than post the story again here are the links:

Part One: Thailand
Part Two: Mom’s Longan Prediction
Part Three: The House Blessing
Part Four: The Tooth Fairy
Part Five: Into the Temple

*for more background reading go to: my mother, my parents, and my father

4 replies on “Asian invasion

  1. First of all, LOVE Flight of the Conchords! Second of all, the students at my Thai school in BKK is probably 90% Asian. I think there's a good balance of men to women, though…


  2. Bangkok I found, is a much more international city. Even though CM attracts many expats, I wouldn't be surprised if more women go to school in BKK and more men go up here.That is certainly the case for English teachers. When I was looking a couple of schools were specifically looking for women because there were “too many dicks on the dance floor”.


  3. Hi Lani, I hope all goes well at your Thai Language school, I'll be watching out for updates. I've narrowed down my search, but am still undecided and will make my mind up when I get there.


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