Here’s a little library of links I have found useful (and my posts) over the years that I hope you find helpful, too. [No affiliate links]


  • Richard Barrow in Thailand ~ He knows everything. Seriously. He’s your go-to guy.
  • Travelfish ~ Whenever I’m curious about a place I want to check out, I usually look here first.
  • Facebook ~ There are niche groups that probably have the answers to what you are looking for. What I’ve learned is to use FB as a search engine, as it’s often helpful.


  • Move to Cambodia ~ Lina is your go-to gal.
  • Travelfish ~ I find it more personal and accurate than Lonely Planet.
  • Facebook ~ Also popular in Cambodia, give it a go, especially if you’re an expat.

Internet + Tech talk

  • Brave browsers ~ Free, open source, ad-free alternative to Chrome
  • Ecosia ~ The search engine that plants trees when you use it!
  • Firefox is a must if you cherish your privacy… Seriously, the Google empire is evil…

Personal Development

  • Tim Ferriss is not only an author, a podcaster, he’s also a Stoic, and his resource page is a great place to get started on a philosophy that has helped so many, including me.
  • Henrik Edberg runs The Positivity Blog. It’s super accessible and filled with useful posts on how to be more positive.
  • One Time, One Meeting is another blog that I’ve been reading for years. Zen and Stoicism have much in common, grasshopper…much in common.

What do you value?

Quicksand economies, medical crises, personal blows, you name it, there’s no shortage of external and internal factors that can cause…

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Funny stuff

  • Taskmaster is a quirky British TV game show that challenges comedians to these crazy tasks. They’ve been uploading all the seasons to watch for free on YouTube.
  • The funniest pretend women’s magazine has to be The Reductress.
  • This is the best essay on traveling that made me laugh so hard (by Dan Morey) I wrote him after I read it and he wrote back!
  • Sad and Useless claims to be the most depressive humor site on the Internet. Let’s give them the win.